VisualBib video demonstrations

Video 1: Presentation of VisualBib

In this video we briefly present VisualBib(va), a Visual Analytics platform for construction, exploration and evaluation of bibliographies.

The following link gives access to Additional Scenarios.

Video 2: Import, enhance and export a bibliography in VisualBib

The video illustrates the process of importing, correcting and enhancing a small bibliography
provided in a standard BibTeX format and, finally, exporting it in the same format.

Video 3: 8 tasks for visual analysis of a bibliography

The video presents eight simple tasks for the analysis of a demo bibliography using VisualBib.

The following links give access to the bibliographies used in the above videos:
the first bibliography in a standard BibTeX format has been used as initial
bibliography to import in VisualBib;
the second bibliography is the same bibliography, in an enriched BibTeX format
useful for automatically reproducing it in a narrative view and managing the metadata

VisualBib 2.0 features


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Presentation for the Workshop Semantics, Analytics, Visualisation: Enhancing Scholarly Dissemination co-located with The Web Conference 2018 – 24 April 2018 – Lyon, France

Presentation for the international conference of Information Visualization IV 2018 Salerno, Italy, 10 – 13 july 2018.